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Creative Kit Caboodles

  • Lots of activities in one box!
  • Materials included
  • Easy step by step guide-notes
  • Ideas to inspire your own creativity
  • Tried and tested over many years!
  • Kits for young children older children and adults
  • Kits for people to share with someone they support
  • Activities developed with people living with dementia


  • Positive effects on wellbeing
  • Alleviated stress and anxiety
  • Increased sense of fun and enjoyment
  • Reignited interests
  • Inspired personal creativity
  • Sense of achievement
  • Great way to connect with loved ones

We enjoy turning creative desires into reality. If you don’t see the kit you want, let’s see what we can do together.

Feedback about our Kit Caboodles

“This far exceeded my expectation so would have changed nothing.  A huge thank you to the whole team for putting this together for us.”

“This has been one of the most therapeutic things I have ever done.  Very relaxing and stress relieving.”

“We loved this kit.  It was brill sitting with the kids to create something without worry I didn’t have the resources.  THANK YOU!”

“What an amazing and beautiful kit you have produced.  Thank you so much.  My mum is 95 next month and lockdown is very tough on her but she will enjoy this kit so much.  Your hard work, imagination and creativity along with your concern for others is much appreciated.”

“This allowed for me to work alongside my foster child, to make a wonderful multi-use project.  Opening the pack together was so exciting as each bit fired our imaginations.”

“Exploring the different activities and planning when to use them.  Absolutely perfect with coffee.”

“Thank you for the kit it has helped me relax and have some fun with my Mum (90yrs) and partially sighted she has enjoyed it.”

How much does a kit cost?

from £25 to £50 plus postage.

Each kit contains several activities and materials for one to two people. These cost us around £70 per kit to develop, make, package and post. However, we do some of this on a voluntary basis, so we can sell the kits at a more affordable price. 

We are thrilled that some people also buy a kit and voluntarily donate something towards a kit for people who cannot afford one. Donate here? Or at check out?


Most of our parcels, for 1 to 2 people, weigh between 1kg and 2kg which puts them in the postal rate of £5.57 first class or £3.20 second class. We have stated the postage for each kit in the chart at the end. 

How long does it take?

Our artists prepare and package each kit. We aim to do this within 3 to 5 working days to get to the post office. First class post 1 to 2 days. Second class post is 2 to 4 days.