We got a lot from the courses. My husband enjoyed the creative activities and I was so relieved being able to talk about what was happening, and picking up tips. It helped us through a difficult time.


Doing the creative activities in the group sessions really helped me learn to do things differently at home. I have a lot of pain and responsibilities but found the writing and drawing exercises released tension. I have even involved the rest of the family in this. It is very therapeutic and effective.


I really enjoyed being able to get ideas from my head into an actual story. I loved all the creative activities and the whole programme opened up access to groups and activities in ways that had not happened before.


I thought it was going to be a ‘here’s how to do art’ course, but it’s been the most amazing group of creative people. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this amount of love and acceptance from the professional world of care. It’s been the best experience! I’m much more confident about socialising and trying new things and being creative.

I found the course inspirational. It’s helping me change my thinking so the benefits extend beyond the course. It is lovely to receive the creative kits through the post.


The feedback from participants and professionals has always been of enthusiasm and appreciation of the efforts to engage and inform, resulting in new skills and confidence for taking forward into their lives.

The feedback about your programme has been amazing. People have gained a huge amount from it and we’ve been really pleased with the kits. They are so well organised.

LGOWIT (Let’s Get On With It Together)