About Our Kits

I’m not artistic, is this kit for me?

Yes! You do not need to be an artist to be creative. No experience is needed. We have put together some guide notes, so take a look at the images. 75% of people we worked with through community arts did not believe they were creative. And yet, they all created amazing pieces of artwork. 

Our kits have been developed with many individuals and families. Some people had limited use of their hands, vision loss, and tremors; or found it difficult to concentrate, or remember things. Some people were confined to bed, or living with terminal illness that weakened their muscles and movement. And yet each person created fabulous artwork. 

Never force yourself, or anyone else, to do art. You could begin with the idea of just looking. Focus on enjoying the experience of looking. How you feel is what matters most for becoming inspired and taking those first steps.

For hundreds of years people have been trying to define ‘good art’. There is no right or wrong about this. The important point is to give it a go, to stimulate your brain, and have fun with it. 

What sort of things can I create with the kit? 

You will find a short explanation about each kit. People have created wonderful paintings with the Watercolour and Abstract Art kits. 

The seasonal kits (Spring, Autumn, Winter) contain cheerful paper and fabric crafts, among other activities. People have shown us the gifts they have made for themselves and others from the kit guide notes and materials. Our children’s kits contain a variety of activities that families have enthusiastically tested with us.

The Merry Christmas Kit contains exciting papercrafts, fabric garlands, cards and crackers to make. The Very Merry Christmas Kit contains all the above beautiful wooden decorations, a Christmas wreath and cute fabric snowman/woman to make. 

How many people is the kit for?

The kits are for 1 to 2 people. Initially these were made for family carers to do with a person they care for. The kits are also used by people who live on their own. We know families also enjoy making these items together around the table, and we can supply more materials for this. Get in touch with how many people, and we can let you know the extra costs involved.

Is the kit for children?

The majority of our kits are for adults and families. For young children we have Bud and Sprout; Bud and Sprout October; plus the Pirate kits. There are recommended for 5 to 11 year olds. Let us know how many children will be using the Christmas kits, as we can adjust the kit accordingly. 

Note we also run occasional Children’s workshops on line and in person. Check the website for details and our Facebook page or sign up for our newsletter which lists latest events, projects and kits.

Can I order more than 1 kit?

Yes. Each transaction is for one kit, so please just order again for your second, third, or more kits. You can order several kits on separate transactions. 

We are doing our best to keep the postage and packaging costs low, and this works best per kit due to the kit weight. If we can reduce your postage and packaging costs, we will let you know and refund the difference .

For group orders (schools, care homes, hospitals, offices and community organisations) please get in touch by emailing karrie@creativityincare.org

How much does a kit cost?

from £25 to £50 plus postage.

Each kit contains several activities and materials for one to two people. These cost us around £70 per kit to develop, make, package and post. However, we do some of this on a voluntary basis, so we can sell the kits at a more affordable price. 

We are thrilled that some people also buy a kit and voluntarily donate something towards a kit for people who cannot afford one. Donate here? Or at check out?


Most of our parcels, for 1 to 2 people, weigh between 1kg and 2kg which puts them in the postal rate of £5.57 first class or £3.20 second class. We have stated the postage for each kit in the chart at the end. 

The kits are delivered by Royal Mail. You can also pick up kits by appointment from our Invergordon office.

How long will it take to receive my kit?

Our artists prepare and package each kit. We aim to do this within 3 to 5 working days to get to the post office. First class post 1 to 2 days. Second class post is 2 to 4 days. 

Do I need to provide anything myself to make things?

You will need your own scissors. When making our prototypes we use the same glues and materials as we provide in the kit, and that we use in our workshops, so we know these work.

Can I get a refund?

We do our best to ensure the items are well prepared, wrapped and labelled. If for any reason you do not wish to use the kit after opening the box, we will arrange a return of the kit and refund your payment if items have not been used. If there are any other problems with the kit, please get in touch on our contacts page, so we can find a creative resolution or refund.

I have a question about kits which isn’t listed

Please contact us at: hello@creativityincare.org and we will be happy to help

About Our Projects

How long does a project last for?

Each project states whether it is a one-session workshop, a 4 week, 6 week or 12 week project.

Our sessions usually run for 1 ½ to 2 hrs. This includes introductions, a presentation about the activity, creative making time, and time for sharing what we’ve learned or achieved.  

What sort of things would I do in a project?

Exciting and uplifting things! Read the brief explanation for each project. We spend time preparing the projects so they are as accessible as possible for a wide range of people.  

We have projects about poetry, painting, fabric books, gratitude Journey Journals, Impressionism. There are also tried and tested projects about healthy brains, cats, peace, death and dying, and various story -gathering and making projects. 

Online projects have themed creative kits sent by post. The face to face projects use community workshop materials.

The longer 12 week projects usually lead to a creative group outcome, such as a book, an exhibition or kit.  Check the website for details and our Facebook page or sign up for our newsletter which lists latest events, projects and kits.

Can I just book myself a place?

Yes, but check who the project is for first. Each project states whether it is open to the general public to book and/or whether it is funded for people belonging to a specific group to book. 

If your circumstances match the specified group you can refer yourself for a place on the project for free by contacting us.

We will ask you for some information to ensure we are fulfilling the funding criteria.

If you would like a place, but you do not fit the specific group criteria that is funded, the project will tell you if it is open for general public bookings. There will be a charge for people who do not have a funded place.

How much does a project place cost?

Project costs are stated with the project information where applicable. Costs vary as each project is unique. 

if the project you like is funded for people who have unpaid caring roles, for example,  then people in unpaid caring roles can book a place for free (limited numbers). 

This means that the funder has paid towards the costs for project development time, preparations, administration, overheads, and project delivery for a specific group of people. 

If it is open to the public, the fee we charge you is towards a place and relevant materials. 

If cost feels like a barrier, please get in touch as we sometimes have donations towards peoples projects and kits. 

Can more than 1 person from a family join a project?

Yes, but check who the project is for. For example if the project is for people living with long term conditions and people with an unpaid caring role, this means the project kit we send you will have materials for 2 people.

If the project states only one particular group, but there are two of you in the family who fit that criteria, just let us know at the check-out. 

The children’s workshops are different. Just let us know how many adults and children would like to attend the session and we will send you details of costs. 

Where do the physical projects take place?

We are mainly based in East Ross-shire, Highlands. Prior to Covid-19 restrictions we facilitated projects Highland-wide. Initial projects, post Covid-19 restrictions, will take place in East Ross-shire and East Sutherland (and on-line), with appropriate risk assessments as usual.

Learning programmes such as creativity for wellbeing, positive dementia care, the BICEPS model, and the ART of Caring for Self and Others are by Karrie Marshall who facilitates these projects more widely around the UK (and internationally). These are sometimes delivered with Creativity In Care, but belong to the author. News about these can be requested here

Do I need to provide anything myself for the workshops or projects?

Prior to the projects you will receive a list of what to bring. The themed kits usually contain everything, but you may need to supply scissors or water, depending on the project. 

I have a question about projects which isn’t listed

Please contact us at: hello@creativityincare.org and we will be happy to help