Creativity In Care CIC is a community interest company based in Scotland. We love creating high-quality connections through creative programmes and creative postal kits. Our form of work is called socially-engaged-arts and it is steered by a wide range of individuals, families and communities. We work face-to-face in community settings, outdoors and online. We enjoy co-creating books, films, exhibitions and performance.

As a social enterprise, set up for social purpose to improve quality of life, inclusion and joyfulness, all our proceeds are used for the work. We don’t have any shares, and all our assets belong to the community. 

People tell us about their favourite topics or about concerns or situations they are experiencing and we create programmes and kits to work on together.

Some examples of of our work

‘Nine Lives’ an intergenerational performance-making project with local communities interested in local history, involving 152 participants 
‘Peace Project’ a Highland wide creative story gathering project about what helps increase peace within ourselves and with other people. Involved over 5000 adults, young people and children, in partnership with High Life Highland. 
‘Places Remembered and Imagined’ a fun sculpture project that began with people living with dementia, and became intergenerational. We also ran this again in 2020 with people in unpaid caring roles commissioned by Connecting Carers.