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Creativity In Care’s™ purpose is to improve quality of life, inclusion and joy in care and community settings through learning programmes and creative connections that go beyond words. 

Puppetry and arts combined with person-centred principles (taking time to understand what suits each person) have a powerful and positive impact on interactions and communication.

©KMcreativityincareMCreativity In Care™ offer workshops, courses, and consultancy, to promote mental well-being and positive connections with or without words. We co-create exhibitions, films and performances to give voice to people who may not have had opportunities to be heard.

DSCF7602Participants include the general public; people diagnosed with dementia, staff, care managers and family carers; people with experiences of mental ill health; people who use learning disability services; and children and adults.

drama and creativity Regardless of diagnosis, perceived ability, language or memory, – people have emotions, imagination, humour, sensitivities and individual needs. Creativity is all-inclusive.

Creativity In Care™ finds different, and often uplifting ways to connect, beyond the constraints of spoken or remembered words.   Benefits include raised self-esteem and joyfulness; reduced isolation and frustration; and a better sense of meaningful living.


©KMCreativityMandRCreativity In Care™ is based on years of practical research using puppetry, performance and visual arts, with a professional background in health & social care and arts in health. Many thanks to all the participants, carers, staff and everyone who supports the work.

Latest news: 

Creative Community Wellbeing (phase 1) explores ‘identity’ through colour and cats! Supported by Reshaping Care for Older People and Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, involving Birchwood Highland, Kintyre House and the community. Next meeting is at St Ninian’s Church Invergordon on Monday 25th August Contact for details

Families living with dementia course starting June (Inverness) see Family Carer’s Page

Creativity In Dementia Care 2-day inspiring courses around the UK for people interested in working creatively with people diagnosed with dementia… see www.creativityindementiacare.com for further details.

Family Carer day trips: the next is a special trip for the family carers themselves (August 26th). Contact for details.

‘Creative Well-Being’ relaxing arts and creativity course in partnership with Arts In Merkinch, High Life Highland and Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival. Last Friday of every month: Friday 29th August 10am-12pm. £3 donation per session at the Bike Shed, Grant Street, Merkinch, Inverness.


Other projects included ‘Creative pathways to peace’ Ullapool; ‘Healthy Brains, Stopries and Games’; ‘Creative Brains – Noetic Art’; ’Picture This Reality’ with Birchwood Highland; plus workshops, exhibitions and talks.



Thank you to everyone who sponsored our 80-mile puppet walk along the 

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Angus's Boots by KM 2011

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Note about using the phrase ‘Creativity In Care’ we have been operating as Creativity In Care for several years and therefore request other organisations starting to use the term, to acknowledge our work.

Note about the images: we are grateful to participants’ kind permissions to use their photographs over the years, which are copyrighted to KMarshall 2013-14

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We tweet every Monday evening 8pm creativitycare.

We are a partner with the Highland Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival

Creativity In Care™ is a social enterprise – initial support from Scotland Unltd and Millennium Awards Trust.  (See article about us by Unltd)



Scotland UnLtd


6 Responses to Home

  1. Jeff Turner says:

    Looks like great work – would be good to keep in touch and share feedback and ideas – regards – Jeff vdg ltd

  2. Roland says:

    Definitely great work being done! I really like the creative & innovative approaches you have taken to helping people in all sorts of ways especially in their overall mental well-being. I am in the medical alert service for seniors industry and we try and help seniors & caregivers live their best life possible. Offering great resources to help them help themselves such as your events page is awesome! Thanks for all the great info. I will definitely share your site on Twitter! Have a great day :)

  3. Culainn Boland Shanahan says:

    Hi …….
    Being a design student I truly believe in the ability for
    Creativity to improve quality of life……

    Kind regards
    Culainn B Shanahan

  4. JoAnn Jordan says:

    Love the level of engagement shown in these photos. I look forward to following your posts and seeing more of your interventions!

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