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Twitter (@creativitycare) Facebook (creativity in care)  Creativity In Care’s work is about feeling connected and more resilient. Our focus is on wellness. We imagine a world where each person realises how amazing he or she is.

Our aim is to improve quality of life, inclusion and joyfulness by listening to people’s experiences of mental health, dementia, long-term conditions, family-life, care services, community engagement etc, We respond through community led arts initiatives and creative learning programmes. These support identity and meaningful interactions; increase a sense of hopefulness, and inspire better care and communication.

click image for short film and click here for information about Creative Dementia Care 

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What does Creativity In Care do?

We help reduce health inequalities and address social determinants of health (WHO) through  learning programmes and socially engaged arts. Our Nine Lives project, funded by People’s Health Trust was chosen as an Arts, Health and Wellbeing good practice project. The project increased collective control, self-esteem, independence and confidence, and built social links and ties. Learning programmes take place in the community (e.g. family care-givers courses) and in care settings (e.g. care home programmes).

Through connection, people become empowered to go beyond limitations… to experience inclusion and joyfulness. Creative learning processes celebrate life and we dwell in the land of possibility.

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Click here for short film ‘Beyond Accepted Limitations’shown at the ITAC3 conference, Edinburgh 

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Who we work with:

People of all ages, abilities and positions in society are welcome to suggest, co-create or join a learning programme or community arts project. Our work is inclusive of the general public, care staff, artists, and people diagnosed with long-term conditions such as dementia, through to end of life care. We work with people living with mental ill health and people at risk of isolation. We work with care-givers, families, people going through criminal justice systems, community, private and statutory organisations.


More about What we do


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  1. Jeff Turner says:

    Looks like great work – would be good to keep in touch and share feedback and ideas – regards – Jeff vdg ltd

  2. Roland says:

    Definitely great work being done! I really like the creative & innovative approaches you have taken to helping people in all sorts of ways especially in their overall mental well-being. I am in the medical alert service for seniors industry and we try and help seniors & caregivers live their best life possible. Offering great resources to help them help themselves such as your events page is awesome! Thanks for all the great info. I will definitely share your site on Twitter! Have a great day 🙂

  3. Culainn Boland Shanahan says:

    Hi …….
    Being a design student I truly believe in the ability for
    Creativity to improve quality of life……

    Kind regards
    Culainn B Shanahan

  4. JoAnn Jordan says:

    Love the level of engagement shown in these photos. I look forward to following your posts and seeing more of your interventions!

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