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At Creativity In Care we believe creativity and compassion are at the heart of wellbeing, inclusion and joyfulness; empowering people to go beyond limitations through a creative learning process that celebrates life and dwells in the land of possibility.

Click here for short film ‘Beyond Accepted Limitations’shown recently at the ITAC3 conference, Edinburgh 


Decoupage ©CIC session2We offer a range of workshops, projects and consultancy.  Creativity In Care includes a team of professional artists, with specialist art-forms who also have backgrounds in care and person-centred counselling. These combinations help us listen and respond more personally, enabling meaningful co-creations.  Creativity In Care courses for care home staff, artists and facilitators have also been developed over several years in lecturing in health & social care by Karrie Marshall.

Book now for our 2-day programme: Positive Dementia Care – a creative toolkit.

Our arts projects lead to exhibitions, films, books, performances or other experiences, giving voice to people who may not have had opportunities to be heard, due to illness, disability or culture difference. However, the artistry is in our shared creative process… the alchemy of transformation between us as artists and people who bring their narratives or being-ness. For three years we have been developing a strong values base that underpins everything we do. The work is based on several years of  practice research, evaluations and reflections.

©CICNineLives Tupperware scene all smlCreativity In Care works with people of all ages and abilities.  We help to increase knowledge and understanding of mental well-being and recovery factors. We work with people diagnosed with long term conditions, people with dementia through to end of life care, people living with mental ill health or other disabilities. We also work in conjunction with care-givers, family members, people going through criminal justice systems, community organisations and the general public. Our work includes cross-sectional projects for genuine inclusivity.

©KM_FamilyDayTripFun1 smallWe know that regardless of diagnosis or perceived ability, or limitations set by expectations, people have emotions, imagination, humour and sensitivities that connect through creativity.

Creativity Is all-inclusive.

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Talk to us live every Monday 3pmEST/8pmUK on Twitter (@creativitycare), where we co-host with Hilgos Foundation #AlzChat, an interactive discussion for people living with, or caring for someone with diagnosed with dementia.

Join us on Facebook (creativity in care) where we post images from some of the courses and workshops

IP terms: The work and photographs on this website are original and copyrighted to Creativity In Care CIC. Before copying or using any of our material please seek permission by contacting us. We are friendly and love to know more about who is interested in this work, so please do get in contact.  

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6 Responses to Home

  1. Jeff Turner says:

    Looks like great work – would be good to keep in touch and share feedback and ideas – regards – Jeff vdg ltd

  2. Roland says:

    Definitely great work being done! I really like the creative & innovative approaches you have taken to helping people in all sorts of ways especially in their overall mental well-being. I am in the medical alert service for seniors industry and we try and help seniors & caregivers live their best life possible. Offering great resources to help them help themselves such as your events page is awesome! Thanks for all the great info. I will definitely share your site on Twitter! Have a great day :)

  3. Culainn Boland Shanahan says:

    Hi …….
    Being a design student I truly believe in the ability for
    Creativity to improve quality of life……

    Kind regards
    Culainn B Shanahan

  4. JoAnn Jordan says:

    Love the level of engagement shown in these photos. I look forward to following your posts and seeing more of your interventions!

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