Dementia Care – useful knowledge

The following links offer some background knowledge and understanding of the term dementia for our 2-day Creativity in dementia care course, for example:

  • Different forms of dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease, Vascular dementia, Lewy-Body, Frontal temporal lobe, etc.)
  • General patterns of disease for example typically gradual decline in Alzheimer’s disease versus sudden changes in Vascular dementia
  • Particular symptoms that affect interactions (sensory sensitivity, eyesight, hallucinations, auditory disturbances, confusion, memory loss, suspicion, word confusion etc)
  • Co-existence of diseases (e.g. heart disease and dementia).

Overviews of this information are given in the course information and the data is readily available via the following sites:

The information above is assumed knowledge on the Creativity in dementia care 2-day course, however we can give overviews and discuss further if required. All experiences and levels of knowledge are welcome for the rich mix.

More excellent recourses can be found at Social Care Institute for Excellence

One of our favourites:  Dementia Challengers by a good on-line friend in memory of her mother

Plus every Monday evening at 8pm we co-host an open Twitter forum #AlzChat with founder Hilgos Foundation. It is a community that we have been building together for over 6 years.

Creativity In Care’s resources:

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