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Poster Poetry In Motion-KatyDove-IMAGjpg-smllestInverness Museum and Art Gallery kindly hosted Poetry In Motion in February 2017. The extracts below were created by a range of writers in response to animations and artwork by Katy Dove. The poems will be archived by IMAG and copies sent to her family.

 Poetry In Motion IMAG Katy Dove


katy Dove

Clanging shapes depart
As bamboo rains
To bird song
Maypole ribbons
Weave baskets
Purple and blue
Petal wings flutter
As night angels fly
Together we go
So slowly
To the moon
Before we sleep.
Cath Giles Feb 2017
 Inspired by Katy Dove’s animation “You’ 2003
Katy Dove
A world of colour unfurls
under your microscope
Your eye, a prism, shape-shifting, transient
a kaleidoscope of noise
as you cut the jigsaw
slicing the board to a better fit
Look/listen – don’t linger
find your chakras on the wheel of life
As the malevolent sun burns ever brighter
Send your hymns into the light
by Lynn Valentine Feb 2017

katy dove images

Katy Dove

You are beauty,
Green and blue,
Passing through
Every hue.
You are moving,
Flowing, dancing,
Fluttering, bouncing,
Spinning round.
You are sounding,
Cooing, calling,
Chirupping, chiming,
Songs of joy.
We are joining,
Encircling, entwining,
Embracing, expanding,
Tip to tip.
We are transient,
Letting be,
Floating free,
In the flow,
Letting go.
Megsi Phinn
Feb 2017
On The Wings of a Dove 

Katy Dove wings

Katy Dove

We’ve come together today,
On this coldest day of the Year,
Craving a fix,
Of sensations of warmer times,
To receive Her Legacy,
The  Kingdom of Katy
To absorb,
To reproduce,
Her sense of wonder,
Her awareness of the Joy of Creation.
For us in words,
But for Her in so much more,
Imagery,words,letters and music,
Automatic yet fluid,
Repetitive yet Unique,
Comforting yet Melancholy,
Her Life encompassed,
Flexing the Muscles of Joy.
All of it,
Transforming  and Transcending
Every other thought
In an overburdened World.
Animated,we gaze
At the Melody of her grandfather’s watercolours
Transposed by the Wings of A Dove …
Jane Dewar Feb 2017 

Katy Dove Luna

Katy Dove

Little Joes rising up and down on their nests
All the parent birds sitting incubating their eggs
And various stages of development
Then they are hatched
The joeys become juveniles
and leave the nest
Free flying
Round the trees, lochs, and countryside
But there’s one thing the doves will always do
Return to their dovecot
Where they go in and roost up for the night.
Are they wild birds
Or domesticated?
Those dove fantails.
Steve D. Jackson 11.2.17 at IMAG
‘Poetry in Motion’ session by Creativity in Care

Dove_Katy 1

Katy Dove

What the jellyfish dreams
Is not what it seems
There’s a pink pig hiding in the eyes of the sky
Swirling behind drooping clouds
In the spaghetti rainbow
Behind Lucy’s psychedelic eye
The submarine bleeps
But the jellyfish sleeps
The surreal birds shining through the trees, whistle their prayers
The scrumpled moon smiles like a hiccup
Humming, and floating away like the cuckoo’s breath
Reverberating the aliveness of its colours in pulsating layers
The jellyfish wakens
It’s not mistaken
Some misshapen shapes are on a mission
They are moving outside of themselves, conforming to the unconformable
Twangs of floating colour, feeling comfortable
Blending and linking with the wise one’s vision
Chris King 11.2.17
‘Poetry in Motion’ session by Creativity in Care

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