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Surprises in Evanton Woods
In Evanton Wood, at the old dumping ground;
Full of surprises!
Today I found an old burnt penny. Treasure.
I see the trees have grown and blocked off
The old road to the gorge….
I hear birds whistling and the river Skiach flowing.
That wee house – the white one –
Used to be the head game-keepers cottage.
I hear birds chirping, cawing; footsteps
And a dog barking….
I am standing on the old dump.
If this were excavated it would be surprising..
What we would find beneath our feet!
Copyright to Colin MacDonald   November 7th 2016
Larch Twig
The Woodsman making a chair
Sounds of scraping wood mingling
With the flock of pigeons in mid air.
Wispy clouds floating gently past
The top of a cone laden pine tree.
The ground carpeted with a collage
Of vibrant copper leaves and the soft,
Soft, silvery green of the lichen covered twigs.
And look there!
A galaxy of golden stars
Each one like an exploding firework.
         Copyright to C King  November 7th 2016
Evanton Wood
Gravel    path
Soft   moss   on    log,
Leaves     on    the     ground.
Roar    of    the    river,
Autumn        colours      on         trees.
Ferns           blowing          in          the         wind.
Calm,            still,               Autumn                 day.
White fluffy clouds in the sky
Man                   working               to             make          a         stool
Sound             of             birds,              water              and         people
Ice cream van playing in the distance
Lots of people walking dogs.
                Copyright to Dave and Frances Hewitt November 7th 2016 
The cycle goes on
I saw winter foliage amongst the trees,
falling to the ground
With hardly a sound
I thought WOW!
All those wonderful colours of Autumn leaves.
They look so brilliant up there in the trees.
‘Why?’ I thought, ‘Why can’t they stay up in the trees?!’
But no. The seasons and time move on.
The leaves continue to cover the ground.
And time moves on.. STILL FURTHER!
Alas, no more leaves upon the trees.
I suppose it is only right for them to fall
Upon the ground, and on my knees.
Man! Look at all those wonderful leaves.
As Autumn and time move STILL FURTHER on
The leaves rot into the ground
To form leaf mould and growth nutrients
For the trees themselves to grow;
Supporting new life up there,
From the ground!
           Copyright to Steve David Jackson November 7th 2016
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