About us: Creativity In Care is a values led social enterprise community interest company with a social purpose ‘to improve quality of life, inclusion and joy in care and community settings’.  Our main focus is on the high quality process of connection using the BICEPS model (KMarshall) that combines creativity, mindfulness and person-centred approaches. 

Over many years Creativity In Care CIC has defined the following:

Quality of Life – individual sense of meaning of life, satisfaction, wellbeing and connection

Inclusion – individual sense of belonging and connection to self, others and/or the universe

Joyfulness – the degree to which an individual feels emotionally and spiritually fulfilled

Creativity is the connecting life force that is forever progressing, shifting, transcending… It is inherent in our human being-ness – and this is where we connect.

Why did we set up?

Creativity In Care CIC began in response to the following needs

  • Overwhelmed care systems
  • Isolated and excluded individuals
  • People experiencing limited opportunities or possibilities
  • People feeling hopeless about their diagnosis or condition
  • People feeling stigmatised
  • Where do we work?
  • In care settings, community venues (halls and schools), and in family homes with people of all ages and abilities,

Ethos and values

Respect and the promotion of equalities thinking and actions run through all our work. The team review the following values because they underpin our decision-making. If these values are compromised, we seek to resolve this with our funding or commissioning partners and colleagues.

  • CREATIVITY (to have confidence to try new things)
  • CONNECTION (to communicate and connect with and without words)
  • COMPASSION (to acknowledge people’s values and experiences with love)
  • EMPOWERMENT (to trust individuals’ sense of what is right for them)
  • JOYFULNESS (to celebrate life and the moment)
  • HOPEFULNESS (to dwell in the land of possibilities)

They sound simple and yet we find they require deep self-awareness and constant re-adjustment to be able to live by them.

“The agency of people with whom we are working trumps adherence to any one technique. As facilitators … we must be ready to join participants in the dances they propose.”  Jan Cohen-Cruz ; Redefining the Private (A Boal Companion: Dialogues on Theatre and Cultural Politics) Ed Maddy Schutzman Taylor & Francis 2006 p103-112

Staff (employed and sessional artists):  Creativity In Care staff are highly skilled practitioners with a combination of arts, community engagement and health & social care backgrounds (nursing, person centred counselling, care management, art therapy, visual arts, textiles, drama, puppetry, dance). We build trusting relationships, work sensitively and collaboratively with individuals and families in a wide range of creative and learning environments.


We agree outcomes with partners and participants for Long Term or Short Term Projects. The following Benefits have been identified after many years of doing this work.

Benefits identified from our internal and external evaluations

  • increased resilience and confidence in ability to manage, challenge or change difficult situations, such as caring for loved ones or living with enduring or terminal health conditions.
  • Increased motivation and inspiration for living meaningful life (inclusive of people who changed from feeling suicidal to feeling a greater sense of possibility and inner worth)
  • Increased understanding and acceptance of one another (equalities and diversity), such as when audience member’s express changes in their thinking about people with mental ill health; or when ‘well and able’ community members take time to work alongside people with additional support needs as ‘peers’; or when doctors say their views of people living with dementia has changed (more open)
  • Increased community cohesion through the shared production process (picked up by external evaluators, and recognised by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Arts in Health)
  • Increased knowledge and skills of participants, Creativity In Care staff and artists
  • 650-1000 people through workshops and community arts every year
  • 2000+people through annual arts exhibitions per year (sometimes 5000 people)
  • 2500 Twitter plus weekly chat forum #AlzChat for families and individuals living with dementia (every Monday evening since 2012) co-host with Hilgos Foundation

 Being a social enterprise means we plough back surplus income from our services and products to deliver more services – to benefit more people. 



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